Britten-Norman is launching its Defender 4000 trials and demonstrator aircraft at this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo. The aircraft, designated G-WPNS, can be seen at the annual RAF Fairford show finished in its new specialist AkzoNobel matt black scheme emblazoned with silver union flag tail, all created with the support of Scheme Designers and Marshall Aviation Services. The aircraft can be viewed on static display alongside a turboprop Islander, which is painted in the Company’s gold livery commemorating the 50th anniversary year for the aircraft.


Over the coming months G-WPNS will be receiving a progressive state of the art role fit which utilises the latest surveillance technologies and ultra-light Fibrelam® materials. Partnering with industry leaders in mission management systems, communications and sensor technologies, Britten-Norman is integrating a range of new capabilities into the aircraft that are designed around export markets that require reduced export restrictions.


Equipped with 4 under-wing hard points and a master armament system, the Defender 4000 is able to carry external payloads ranging from extended endurance fuel tanks through to live munitions. On completion of the current programme, the Defender will be able to operate as a full ISTAR platform with an ability to self designate targets of opportunity. The aircraft also comes with a variety of defensive aid options that are designed to protect the aircraft in the modern battlefield environment.


Retaining the core attributes of the Islander – Short Take-Off and Landing, safe low speed loiter, ultra-low cost of operation, Rolls Royce twin engine dependability – the Defender has enhanced endurance of 8+ hours task time, MTOW of up to 8,925lbs and all weather, night, IFR, Icing Certified capability.


The Defender 4000 will be available for customer demonstrations from January 2017.






About Britten-Norman

Britten-Norman, the UK’s only privately owned civil aircraft manufacturer, has been building and exporting aircraft for 50 years. Models include the famous Islander and Trislander commuter variants and the latest Manned Airborne Surveillance / ISTAR variant, the Defender 4000.


The Company’s capabilities include subcomponent manufacturing, mission systems integration, maintenance, repair and overhaul, aviation training and global customer support. Britten-Norman is backed by approvals from CAA (A8-21/23), EASA (21J/G, 145, 147, Part M, ATO) and the UK MoD (DAOS, MAOS & CFAOS).


For further information please contact:

Lara Harrison


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