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Britten-Norman Legal Disclaimer

 This site has been created on behalf of Britten-Norman (B-N Group Limited).  All information contained herein, with the exception of historical information aviation and weather services, is as provided by B-N Group Limited or its officers.
All information contained within this site is believed to be correct at the time of publishing and is therefore offered gratis and in good faith.  Where use of the information results, or is believed to have resulted, in any individual or corporation's loss of earnings, or in personal injury / accident or death, under no circumstances will B-N Group Limited, its subsidiary companies, its officers & employees or its contractors accept any responsibility for such an event.
Particular care should be afforded to information contained herein regarding aviation and weather services. Any such information is provided as an aid to aviation, and should not be relied upon for accuracy in flight planning or other aviation purposes.
Care should be taken before downloading any item from any of the group websites including:
britten-norman.com, britten-norman.us, britten-norman.com.au, bnaircraft.com, bndefence.com, bnaviation.com, flybn.com, bnresources.com, defender4000.com and eghj.com (& associated websites).
Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure that content of these sites is error free and clean of all known viruses, users should check all software thoroughly before using it.
Should you find any information which you know to be in error, please contact the webmaster for this site - webmaster@britten-norman.com - and include all details concerning the nature of the error.
Copyright for this site remains the sole property of B-N Group Limited except where stated.  Any hacking, altering destruction, misuse, reverse engineering or illegal use of any content form this site is strictly prohibited. Where applicable, any such behaviour will be dealt with using the full force available under the Laws of England.



Britten-Norman Email Disclaimer

Email and Data Transmission Disclaimer:
All email and data transmitted from the Britten-Norman server including but not limited to the domains:
britten-norman.com, britten-norman.us, britten-norman.com.au, bnaircraft.com, bndefence.com, bnaviation.com, flybn.com, bnresources.com, defender4000.com, and eghj.com (& associated websites)
is considered to be confidential and privileged information. Where applicable, this information may also be considered copyright B-N Group Ltd or its subsidiaries.
You must not present this message or data to any other party unless you have first gained the prior written consent of an officer of B-N Group Ltd. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you will have received this data in error and that any subsequent use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this email or data is strictly prohibited. Please notify the sender immediately and delete from your system.
Whilst B-N Group Ltd makes every attempt to ensure that the emails and data supplied are virus checked, the Company does not guarantee the content of its data as being virus or defect free. There is also no guarantee that emails sent from the server (or which are purported to have been sent from the server) are spam free. Recipients should always use appropriate filters and anti-virus software to check attachments before opening. Attachments are opened at the sole risk of the recipient.
Any views contained in the email or data transmitted do not automatically reflect those of the business. If there is any doubt about such content, the matter should be brought to the attention of a Director of the relevant Group Company.
Data which passes through the Company server may be intercepted by third parties and, where it is deemed to be in the best commercial interests of the business, is also liable to interception by B-N Group Ltd. Interceptions may also occur for security reasons. Where the information passed is of a lewd, pornographic, sexual, racist or sexist nature, or where matters contained relate to Official Secrets, the data may be passed on to the B-N Group Ltd HR department or to the UK Police for use in evidence against the sender. Company policy and the governing laws of England and Wales apply.